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Origin & Launch

The origin of starting-up InVar Finance is to become the leading model of hybrid finance to foster crypto adoption. Upon the origin, we envision building more advanced, preferred products and services to access TradFi and DeFi investment seamlessly, simple experience like e-commerce. Launching an RWA-based product is our first step.

InVaria2222 is an RWA (real-world-asset) NFT-yielding platform launched on September 2022. The first development stage of InVar Finance is bridging traditional finance (TradFi) into the crypto space. The potential of tokenized TradFi investment is huge and under-developed, blockchain technology can reform and empower what people experienced in TradFi.

Imagine you can use a self-custodian digital wallet and cryptocurrencies to access the real-estate or TradFi investment easily without constraints (ex. capital, border, infrastructure). Far more efficient, transparent, and less expenses compare to what you face in old-world, not even mentioned the benefits compensation due to those improvements.

Earn Real Yield from Real-World-Asset

InVaria2222 is the flagship product of InVar Finance, focusing on building RWA-Backed NFTs and infrastructure. Users can purchase the first RWA-backed NFT to claim associated rights and benefits from the underlying asset. For example, the user of the first real-estate-backed NFT, Amwaj20, is able to stake the NFT on the website and accrue interest day by day. Just like Web3 REITs investment but with more flexibility and use cases.

DeFi infrastructure and protocols are turning into a mature phase after years of chaos and frenzy. The solid framework and value from TradFi & RWA would become an ever-strong backstop for decentralized economics. We believe RWA is the key to scale DeFi into the mainstream.

That's the future we're building at InVaria2222 🏜. The end state of InVaria2222 will be an open platform to support RWA onboarding with diverse applications through community governance.

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