InVaria2222 Docs
(EN) Welcome to the RWA World, InVaria2222


Q: Why InVaria2222 so unique?

InVaria2222 is a mission-oriented world for real-world-assets (RWAs) tokenization, not just intended to be a real estate or RWAs offering project, but expected to present as a leading example for connecting real and crypto economies, the foundation of Hybrid Finance Protocol. InVaria2222 is an NFT-yielding platform backed by RWA. NFT holders can claim benefits/interests from underlying assets through staking, hodl and yield-generating strategy.

Q: How does InVaria2222 work?

InVaria2222 utilizes blockchain technology (ex. ERC-1155, 3525) to release the liquidity of real-world assets (RWAs), and bring novel use cases of tokenization to the ecosystem. Dive into InVaria, the utilities and benefits originated from NFTs are organized through the trust-minimized model. Under the coordination between both sides, on-chain and off-chain, the interest of NFT investors can have the highest safety by investing in RWAs with cryptocurrency.
Trust-Minimized Tokenization Model

Q: What is the RWA Tokenization NFT? and why NFT?

Tokenization is the concept of bridging the data, ownership, or other relevant rights and benefits from RWA on-chain. We believe NFT is the best medium for tokenization, which has the advantages of visualization and uniqueness compare to fungible token (ERC-20). That's why we choose to develop the novel-type NFT backed by RWA, and looking forward to more potential to discover in the future.
For the experimental RWA NFT (MVP), the Amwaj20, we tokenized the property in Bahrain and released the fractionalized NFTs in October 2022. We adopt the over-collateralization method, 50% fair value of the property is targeted to tokenize and distribute the interests to the NFT holders.

Q: Who can mint the NFT issued by InVaria2222?

The user who completed KYC verification is eligible to mint NFT on our website. We care about the virtue of decentralization and privacy protection, also crypto adoption, however, we believe we should follow compliance frameworks to achieve those goals. *Read the Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy for more details.

Q: How much will it cost to mint the NFT?

Costs incurred from minting NFT(s) can conclude to two kinds, minting cost and gas fee (network fee). In general, the NFT minting cost is priced at USDC (ERC-20), and the gas fee is calculated by the network status of Ethereum. The additional cost may incur if an unexpected event or false execution happens.
For example, the first real-estate fractionalized NFT- Amwaj20, mint cost is 2,000 USDC (1/10,000 share of $20m). So the total cost will be 2,000 USDC plus ETH gas fee.

Q: Is there a maximum mint limit per wallet during the mint stage?

No limit. First come, first served. InVaria2222 is in the exploration period, no single human knows what will happen when this new type of NFT comes out. So, we free the restriction in the current phase. By the way, the RWA is limited resources, so the fractionalized NFTs are limited.

Q: What can I have after minting?

Once you successfully minted the first RWA NFT, you will certainly have ownership of the NFT and the right of stake-to-earn (first model, Amwaj20). The tokenization model and mechanism will consistently iterate to better version, NFT investor will not need to stake their NFT in the SFT (semi-fungible-token) model.

Q: Can I trade or transfer my NFT?

Of course, everyone can trade NFT in the open marketplace, no matter sell or buy. Also, the NFT owner can transfer your NFT if you desired to do so.

Q: What is NFT staking and others I need to know?

In general case without borrower default, the NFT issued from InVaria2222 is an interest-bearing (need staking in first model), redemption-secured NFT with a certain lock-up period. NFT owners can stake/hold their NFT to accrue interest from time to time, besides, NFT is enabled to burn after the lock-up period and get back your initial mint cost.

Q: The future plan for fund management and development?

Regarding fund management, the fund from NFT mint will be distributed to two sides. The majority will send to the asset originator/owner, and the remaining will keep in the smart contract.
Regarding project development, tokenization of RWAs is only our first stage, we aim to build up a solid foundation of HyFi by bridging RWA into crypto space. RWA is game-changing, and we have a long-term perspective on it.

Q: How can I get in touch with the team?

You can contact our through official channels (Twitter, Discord), also follow the latest news. Email [email protected] to discuss partnership and collaboration.