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Road to Web3

As the agile tempo of iteration in crypto market characteristics, technology and industry framework as well, our team dislikes to over-promise and fail to deliver the plans. However, we truly have pre-organized milestones to achieve, the Mindmap, and we don’t want to keep it secret but are willing to share it with sincerity.
InVar Finance consists of Web3 enthusiasts and talents from TradFi, and we embrace the spirit of Web3/decentralization as our principle to achieve our goals step by step. We have long-term perspectives in this industry, and willing to build great connections and grow with builders, professionals and the community.

Stage 1 HyFi Flagship 🏜 ⏩ InVaria2222

Phase One- Experiment / Exploration [Apr. ~ Dec. 2022]

Crypto is all about experimentation and exploration. InVar Finance aims to build the first feasible project through the tokenization of RWAs.
  • Launch InVaria2222 - The Worldview and Storyline of InVar Finance
  • Release First Real Estate Fractionalization NFT
  • Develop NFT Staking Mechanism
  • Develop Utilities Type of NFT

Phase Two- Diversification / Segmentation [Nov. 2022 ~ May. 2023]

Dive deep to think more about feedback and benefits that can bring to early adopters, replicate the successful model and develop exciting products.
  • Launch InVariant - An Pass NFT
  • Release Hybrid Finance Concept
  • Release Second RWA Fractionalization NFT

Phase Three- Integration [May. 2023~]

InVaria2222 is the foundation also the digital world of InVar Finance. Building solid infrastructure and value backstop to construct a hybrid finance ecosystem is a reasonable, indispensable move.
  • InVar Finance Integration
Each month is centered around a set of tasks that are discussed internally or from community feedback. While the work happens in parallel, with research, prototyping, and development often in progress all at once across the different development streams. You can check more specifically in DevBoard.
If you have any questions, join our Discord; our team and community members look forward to helping you.
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